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Fan Info

* Travel to Örnsköldsvik
* What to do/Hotel Information
* Meet the Lumberjacks
* MODO Shopping

Travel to Örnsköldsvik

We will assume that you, as a visitor from abroad, at some stage will pass through the main international airhub of Sweden – Stockholm/Arlanda International Airport. From Arlanda Airport you have three realistic possibilities to get to Örnsköldsvik in a reasonable amount of time:

* Domestic flights to Örnsköldsvik Airport or Umeå City Airport.
* Coach ride up the eastern coast of Sweden (9-10 hours).
* Rent a car and drive by yourself or with friends (7-8 hours).

From fall/winter 2011, the Bothnia high-speed railway line is fully connected to the national railway network. This makes it possible to board a train at Stockholm Arlanda  that gets you to Örnsköldsvik in around five hours.

Finding Fjällräven Center in Örnsköldsvik is not a difficult task. When you have reached the city centre you will probably make visual contact in a matter of minutes. The arena is situated at the waterfront, on Viktoriaesplanaden 1.

What to do/Hotel Information

Örnsköldsvik is situated in the northernmost parts of the High Coast, a Unesco World Heritage-listed coastline. The dramatic coastline was shaped by combined processes of glaciation, glacial retreat and the resulting land uplift.

To read more about things to do when in Örnsköldsvik we recommend the web site and staff at Örnsköldsvik Tourist Office.

However, from a hockey point-of-view, we do recommend a visit at Restaurant Mammamia at Storgatan 6. This restaurant offers Swedish-Italian cooking, a large collection of game-worn hockey jerseys from all over Europe and the NHL, and of course inside hockey knowledge from the owner Giordano "Danno" Sternad. "Danno" came to Örnsköldsvik as an immigrant from Trieste, Italy, in the 1970s and fell in love with the game of the locals.

Meet the Lumberjacks

The official Fan Club of MODO Hockey is named "Lumberjacks". The Lumberjacks organize trips for fans to away games, starts the singing and drumming in the section for standing fans, as well as coming up with ideas and producing choreographies, flags and other sorts of visual support for MODO in Fjällräven Center and on the road.

If you want to meet up with the Lumberjacks - there will be an official warm-up restaurant/pub during the season - check this space.

For MODO Fans in the southern parts of Sweden a Fan Club was started in the mid-1990s, which today is called MODO Syd ("MODO South"). MODO Syd organizes the ticket sale for the away fans sections at MODO games in southern Sweden, as well as some other appreciated events such as the "Foppaland Tour". A yearly bus trip to northern Sweden to meet up with the Lumberjacks, watch MODO play and meet the players.

At the moment, no officially authorized Fan Club for MODO Fans living abroad exists, but perhaps you would like to change that?

MODO Shopping

You will find the widest selection of MODO gear in the Intersport store at Hamngatan 13 in downtown Örnsköldsvik, there is also a shop in the atrium of the arena which is open during games. The Internet shop does unfortunately not offer possibilitiy to purchase MODO souvenirs from abroad, at the time of writing.